Air Torque Screwdrivers Auto Clutch - Pistol
ABP Series Screwdrivers
ABP Series Screwdrivers

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Model RPM Torque (in-lbs)
ABP-35 2200 2.6-17.5
ABP-38 1800 2.6-21.6
ABP-41 1000 4.3-30.3
ABP-47 550 8.8-44.3
ABP-48 2200 8.8-53.1
ABP-55 1000 10.6-66.3
ABP-60 550 30.0-110.0
ABP-65 300 30.0-180.0
ABP-68 250 50.0-280.0


The Pistol Grip Torque Screwdrivers have an ergonomically designed grip made of thermoplastic elastomeric for a comfortable feel with a non-slip “Top Wave” design.  Their wide torque range enables these screwdrivers to be used for a variety of precision assembly applications. All of our premium air screwdrivers are backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.