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Air Filters Regulators Lubricators

Our Air Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators filter out solid particles, remove moisture and lubricate the air being delivered to your air tool.  This helps to prevent wear and tear keeping your tools running at optimal performance.   


Air Hoses

Air Hoses to be used in conjunction with all Air Assembly Tools and air related equipment.


Spring Balancers (SA & SB Series)

Spring Balancers reduce operator fatigue and allow for a safer work area. Ideal for positioning an assembly tool above a work area.


Industrial Air Tool Quick Couplers TA Series

Sumake North Americas industrial air quick couplers for use with all Air Torque Tools 


Industrial Screw Setter

Improve operation speeds and ease on operator with Sumake North Americas EAA model Screw Setting Template.


Air Tool Couplers and Plugs

1/4" Male and 1/4" Female Air Quick Couplers and Quick Connect Plugs for use with Sumake North Americas Air Torque Tools 


Torque Covers (TL Series)

When fastened over the torque dial on the end of any of our electric torque drivers, this torque cover will prevent anyone from tampering with your specifically set torque settings durring the assembly process.   


90 Degree Angle Head Attachments

When mounted to the end of one of our electric lever start torque screwdrivers this angle head attachment allows the operator access to fasteners located in small confined areas where conventional inline drivers cannot reach. 


Torque Tool Holsters

Sumake North Americas Torque Tool Holsters are th perfect solution for those situations when a tool stand and balancer cannot be utilized. We recommended these products to protect your investment and keep your work area clean.