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Lockbolt Tools

LockBolt’s are structural fasteners that are designed to provide permanent, vibration-resistant, joining solutions for use in industrial applications.  LockBolts offers a clean and safe alternative to welding and are easier and faster to install than standard nuts and bolts.  Note:  Access to both sides of the joint is required.

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Air Nut Riveters

Air rivet guns are designed to fix the rivet together without too much effort from the operator.  The Air rivet gun is ideal for jobs where a large number of rivets have to be stuck together in a very quick timeframe. The air rivet gun is an industry standard its usages range from the aircraft assembly industry to auto garages and small assembly applications. 

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Industrial Hydraulic Air Riveters

Hydraulic Air rivet guns are designed for high volume production and can set small or large diameter fasteners.  These heavy duty Hydraulic riveters are ideal for fabrication work and industrial use. Efficient, powerful and quiet, these tools are remarkably easy and comfortable to use. 

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